Dams International


Dams Furniture is a UK manufacturer and wholesaler of office furniture located across three sites in Merseyside. Having opened its doors in 1967, Dams has established its place in the UK office furniture sector.

Around 100,000 items are in stock at any given time, which enables stock to be immediately dispatched to customers.

Dams pride themselves in manufacturing their products to the highest possible standard using sustainable practises. Their use of biomass boilers to heat their workspaces, mean they recycle a lot of their own waste and therefore use much less oil and gas than their competitors.

Case Study

In 2009 Dams Furniture approached EDSL needing an urgent solution to their manufacturing and distribution requirements. Due to internal restructuring, the system had to be designed and installed within three weeks…. A tall order in anybody’s book!

However the team at EDSL were keen to rise to the task and immediately set to work to meet the almost impossible deadline.

The EDSL team worked with Dams to understand their needs and design a system that would meet their objectives. It was agreed that the integrated manufacturing and distribution package, Solvitt, created by EDSL would be ideal for the job. The standard package had to be modified to meet the needs of Dams so our team worked around the clock to meet the deadline.

Because of the time restraint, staff training had to be carried out on the job – a hands on approach for both Dams Furniture and EDSL, however this did not take away from the quality of training delivered.

The Solvitt system is now running very efficiently in Dams Furniture and is slightly modified from time to time to meet changes in operational procedures.