EDSL have experience implementing both Solvitt and Sage within engineering companies

Arconic develop and manufacture high performance engineered products for a number of markets, including aerospace and commercial transportation and have been using Solvitt for a number of years now.


Sophia Hawkes, SIOP Manager at Arconic said

We were already using Solvitt but weren’t utilising it as much as we could have so we worked with EDSL to develop and scope Solvitt to better fit our needs.

They visited our site to provide support and guide us through the finer aspects of the system.

What truly sets EDSL apart is their staff. They have advanced supply chain and industry knowledge rather than just software knowledge which means they actually know what they’re talking about and know how their software can and does help us within our business

“It gives us proper product costing that’s completely integrated within the works order processing system”


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