From scheduling orders to stock control, Solvitt gives you the all the information you need, when you need it
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Integrating your accounting software with a Manufacturing Management Solution is critical to your business.

Specifically developed for the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution industries, Solvitt helps businesses fit together the different areas within their operation and improve profits and productivity through greater efficiency and perfectly streamlined processes, also enabling businesses to improve customer service and make more informed decisions.

Solvitt was developed in the Microsoft NET framework using SQL and is fully integrated with Sage 200 and Sage 50, making it the perfect addition to your software systems

Sales Order Processing

This feature manages the complete sales cycle, everything from raising an order to allocating stock, delivery and invoicing in multiple different currencies

Stock Control

Solvitt will manage your raw materials, work in progress and finished products, providing you with a warehouse management solution and full inventory

Purchase Order Processing

Solvitt will manage your whole purchasing cycle, from raising an order to goods received and purchase invoice approval with full batch and serial traceability

Works Orders

This feature manages and controls all areas of your work in progress, allowing you to track and cost your work orders, giving you full control over your business

Bills of Materials

This feature allows you to maintain your product structures, including materials and labour, while simultaneously calculating your product costings

Materials Planning

This materials planning module will help you plan production linking plans to either sales or works orders and raise purchase orders for your raw materials

Sales Forecasts

Solvitt will manage your sales forecasts and sales schedules whilst also generating minimum, maximum and reorder stock levels in line with current usage

Bar Coding

Solvitt features a range of bar coding solutions to automate your stock and production functions, also allowing you to despatch sales orders using scanners

Estimating Module

Create estimates for products. Instantly auto generate new raw material codes & Bills of Materials. Import supplier files & automatically select preferred supplied base on price, leadtime, delivery etc.

Planning Board

A graphical view showing your production loading and material availability. Drag and drop operations and instantly see the effects of those actions.



Configurable Product

Create product part codes and unique bills of materials on the fly. Select options from a predefined list to build part codes, descriptions and BOMs instantly.

Perpetual Inventory

Manage and analyse your continuous stock take counts for stock items. Stock items can be classified based on either cost value, profitability, sales/usage value or volume and scheduled accordingly.

Planning Board

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Materials Planning

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Estimating Module

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Configurable Products

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Stock Screen

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Order Picking List

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EDSL offer support throughout the whole implementation process, including project management and on-sight training, followed by the option of annual contract support and update cover where needed whilst your company is using Solvitt.


Our own expert technical team developed this sophisticated MRP software meaning we coffer custom development to tailor Solvitt  to your particular needs, in fact some of the already existing functions were developed in line for specific customer requirements.


Completely implemented within 1-3 months with pricing from £3,500


Get in touch with us today and we will arrange an introductory audit into your existing systems, allowing us to offer a realistic, cost-effective solution which will deliver a genuine return on investment.

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