Warehousing & Distribution

Modern technology and software has improved warehouse and distribution facilities immeasurably over the past few years. It all helps to streamline your business processes, increase efficiency to make more profit.

Today you can use all of this technology to tightly manage your stock and track everything that comes in and out of your warehouse.


Here at EDSL we supply and implement a wide range of warehouse and distribution solutions, all of which are fully integrated with Sage. Most of our solutions even allow you to automate your warehouse using bar coding and scanners.


The huge numbers of functions you can perform with one of our systems include;


  • Managing stock – including consignment stock, sub contractor free issue stock and quarantine – across a number of warehouses, stores and locations


  • Keeping track of serial and batch numbers


  • Scheduling inventory counts, improving pick performance and reducing errors


  • Pick face replenishment

Our systems can also help with the planning and administration within your business. For example you can;


  • Plan demand from actual sales, customer schedules and forecasting


  • Generate purchase orders for stock or back-to-back sales orders


  • Analyse product profitability against cost, including landed costs


  • Track export orders through shipment lead time and container shipment processing


No matter what size your business is, our team will advise you on the best system to meet your needs and implement it for you, all at a price which suits your budget.


Contact us today to discuss your options.