Marl International



Back in the 1990s, Lancashire-based LED lighting company, Marl International, were searching for an MRP solution that would transform their business. They eventually came across EDSL, who installed Sovman with some success.

After a number of years, the search was on again to upgrade the system.


Case Study


Marl International primarily deals with Bill of Materials and need processes to be streamlined to save having to hold a massive amount of stock and so reduces costs significantly.


“We looked at about ten other products on the market before deciding to go with Solvitt,” says IT manager, Hamilton Thurgood. “In the end, it came down to the fact that we were already familiar with some of the features and functionality and had a good existing relationship with EDSL.


“The features and functionality of Solvitt are great for predicting demand and a real driving force for our business,”
The relationship between Marl International and EDSL has evolved into one that is mutually beneficial. Since Marl International employ Solvitt software extensively, they are always coming up with new ways of utilising it. EDSL are always eager to develop these ideas and improve our product.


“With EDSL, solutions are always sought and found,” says Hamilton. “They are very good at thrashing out ideas and nobody is stuck into one way of thinking. Some of their ideas and expertise is phenomenal! It’s a very open and flexible relationship. The service has always been very good.”