Carlson Filtration Ltd



Founded back in 1923, Carlson Filtration Ltd are experts in solid/liquid separation and currently have a worldwide network.


Case Study


When looking for a new ERP system, Carlson Filtration wanted something that they could utilise, making the most of all the features and giving them a proper product costing. They approached EDSL, knowing that, because we built and developed the software, we would be able to tweak Solvitt and adapt it to be tailored to Carlson’s needs.


Since they started using Solvitt, Carlson have found a number of product lines which weren’t as profitable as they wanted them to be and have since recrified these issues.


Carlson Filtration’s processes are now streamlined thanks to Solvitt’s easy reports being made on an item by item basis, showing what profits were being made where.