Texcel Technology



Texcel Technology are an electronic design and manufacturer for a wide range of customers. They were established 40 years ago and have been employing EDSL solutions for 20.


Texcel initially specialised in electronic ship loading computers however they no longer manufacture these, instead focusing on system and circuit design as well as continuing their Electronic Manufacturing Services.


Case study


When Texcel Technology were looking for a company to provide them with an ERP system, they found that although many organisations understood accounts and accounting, they didn’t really understand manufacturing. So they made it their mission to find an organisation that did understand manufacturing properly and was flexible – EDSL met this need.


EDSL worked with Texcel to implement Solvitt into their business, where it is now a vital part of their process. Peter Shawyer, Commercial director at Texcel said,


“Solvitt is an intrical part of our business, without it we wouldn’t be able to operate anymore. It enables us to integrate all our purchases, sales, production processes and tracking. It just manages the whole business.


“We needed an ERP system to link with our accounts, we use Sage 200, and Solvitt links seamlessly, we’ve never had any problems.”


Solvitt enables Texcel Technology to be more efficient and supply information back to their customers in a timely manner.


“The way we can get reports and data from it is essential to us and we’re able to write our own reports and install them into the system easily. It makes a big difference to be able to get the right data.”


Texcel Technology were particularly happy with the support they receive from us –


“You’re able to contact the tech support guys directly, even out of hours. One time we were caught in a problem and the support guy was on holiday but he still answered our call – that makes a big difference for us”


EDSL are continuously working with Texcel Technology to provide support and to improve Solvitt and customise it to their growing business needs.