Children’s toys

Over the years we have had the opportunities to work with a companies from numerous different sects, one that stands out most however, is our work within the toy industry.

EDSL have provided numerous toy manufacturers with different Sage products to help streamline specific areas of their business.

Merry thought


One such company we have worked with is world renounced bear manufacturer, Merry Thought


Since 1930, Merrythought have made a name for themselves creating handmade traditional teddy bears which are adored all around the world. Every bear is made by hand in Merrythought’s factory residing in Ironbridge, Shropshire.


Using over 85 years worth of skills, every bear created by Merrythought has it’s own unique character, which is artistically brought to life.



Another company we have worked with is Colorlord, a manufacturer of toys, arts and crafts for the growing educational market.


EDSL helped Colorlord install Sage Manufacturing and have provided ongoing support from the beginning. Colorlord now have control over their stock, a better understanding of product profibility, through bill of materials and traceability on all of their parts. According to Colorlord, Sage Manufacturing has made a big difference to their manufacturing process.